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Hi, I'm Anna, it's a pleasure to have you here!

I am the founder of the brand HAN.D and I'm here to tell you how this project took shape.
Ever since I was a little girl I've always been
 attracted to clothes, their fabrics and the seams that held them together.


The great passion for clothing accompanied me during my undergraduate course in Business Administration, which sparked in me a strong desire to run a business. In addition, that same course provided me with the fundamental knowledge to conduct it properly and, most importantly, stimulated my interest in sustainable economics. At the same time, the more I pursued these studies, the more my passion for fashion grew. Hence, that's when I tool the first step in creating the HAN.D brand, writing a dissertation on "Socio-environmental performance of fashion industry enterprises: an analysis based on sustainability reports”.


Once I graduated, I decided to get technical and advanced training in two fields related to the fashion industry: I obtained  a diploma as a Pattern maker for clothing and took a course on  Fashion Industry Sustainability.


I chose to start the clothing brand HAN.D for all those who wish to combine fashion as a form of self-expression and social and environmental sustainability  just like me. To best carry out this project, I have by my side a team of trained girls who share the brand's mission and goals. 



We have chosen to cooperate with excellent suppliers and craft workshops located within a 40-kilometer radius of our headquarters in Bologna: this allows us to guarantee a Made in Italy product quality, as well as to know and verify the social sustainability conditions of the workers. 

Each capsule is an exclusive production consisting of a few models in limited volumes. We avoid overproduction, plus resource optimization allows us to select recycled, certified or recovered fabrics from surpluses production.

Our goal is to achieve a circular economy balance. We believe this is only possible through establishing a community that cares about sustainability.

In order to help you take part in this community, we choose to take that first step for you: for every order we receive, a tree in the world will be planted in your name.

Siamo felici di raccontare i nostri obiettivi e progressi, in atto e futuri!

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